Gothenburg is the largest non-capital in the Nordics and located on the beautiful west coast of Sweden. The city is easily accessible by air, road, rail and sea thanks to its location in the heart of Scandinavia. There are around 85 direct routes from around 70 destinations. Only 20 minutes transport to the city center.
Visit Gothenburg's official visitor guide for more information on how to get to Gothenburg.

As a visitor in Gothenburg you are greeted with a relaxed attitude, warmth and friendliness. People here are open and interested - for real. Also, many Swedes are fluent in English. In fact Swedes are the top English non-native speakers of the world.

If you are planning in combining the summer school with the ACM RecSys conference in Copenhagen, there are many alternatives to get there.
By train: trains for Copenhagen leave Gothenburg Central Station every 30-60 minutes. Travel time is 3-4 hours, tickets are 30-50€. See SJ for information about trains.
By bus: busses bound for Copenhagen leave frequently. Travel time is 4h30m, tickets start at 15€. Operators include Flixbus and Nettbus.
By air: SAS flies from Gothenburg to Copenhagen multiple times per day. Travel time is 45 minutes, tickets start at 65€.
By car: A motorway connects Gothenburg to Copenhagen. The distance is 320km (200 miles).